Who are we

Our history

B2C Group

The adventure began in 2014 with the founding of B2C Engineering: integrator of industrial automation, IT and cybersecurity solutions, in Liège, Belgium. 


Launched by three technical managers: Benjamin Beaurang, Jean-Christophe Bulon and Charles Costa with professional expertise in the field and enthusiasm in the sector. The vision is to develop a different service company, focused on people and accountable leadership.


Since then, the company has evolved and expanded its activities. We set up in France: first in the North, with the opening of an office in Valenciennes then in the Lyonnaise metropolis. In the same vein, we also established in Luxembourg.

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The story then developed with the creation of B2C Consulting, a consultancy firm. Today, the two companies continue to grow parallel to each other and form the B2C group.

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The company

B2C Consulting

B2C Consulting is a consulting firm that supports industries in their innovation and digitalisation projects by offering a team of qualified consultants.


The company collaborates with B2C Engineering to offer you a complete service. Together, we enable customers to optimise their production lines and automate their manufacturing processes.