Our Business Skills

B2C Consulting Expertise

Multi-specialist group

With the experience of the group, B2C Consulting supports industries in the development of their projects. The teams are made up of various talents in order to offer a personalised service. 


Our business skills centre around 5 main areas: 


Our team of experts ensure the automation, security, maintenance and fitting of your installations. B2C Consulting helps you in your industrial projects and supports you in your evolution towards Industry 4.0 through its technical skills.

Industrial data

Industrial computing is an integral part of today's businesses. B2C Consulting supports you in the digitalisation of your business. Our areas of expertise relate to the installation and configuration of your industrial networks. They also cover all the techniques for designing, analysing and programming your computer systems.


Our teams have qualifications to support industries in electrical studies and the feasibility of their projects. They are involved in the supervision, monitoring of implementation and maintenance of facilities to meet the requirements of your business.


The industrial sector must adhere to strict quality standards in its production. B2C Consulting also attaches great importance to qualification, validation and continuous improvement to enable you to meet the standards required in your activities.

Project Management

With their technical expertise and leadership, our Project Manager team supports you in achieving your specific projects and objectives. Since the efficiency and quality of our services are important to us, we apply recognised methods for which we place the needs of our customers at the centre of the project's priorities by offering a flexible and adapted service.